Question: How Difficult Is The CFP Exam?

Most students that have taken the certified financial planner (CFP) board exam agree that the case studies are the most difficult and important portion of the test.

The exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions, with some based on case-studies or scenarios.25 Jun 2019

What is the pass rate for the CFP exam?


What happens if you fail the CFP exam?

Retake Policy

If you fail the CFP® Certification Examination and elect to retest, you are required to retake the entire exam. Individuals may attempt the exam a maximum of three times within a 24-month period.

How long does it take to prepare for the CFP?

If you are 10 weeks away from the CFP review class starting and you need about 100-125 hours to finish the pre-study materials, then you need to average 10-12 hours per week leading up to the review. That means you’ll need to study for about 2.5 – 3 months (100hrs/10hrs per week) before attending the review class.

How do I study for the CFP exam?

How to Prepare for the CFP Exam

  • Choose a good time to take the CFP exam.
  • Create a study schedule that plans for life events.
  • Study like you’re preparing for a marathon with adequate breaks.
  • Verbalize concepts as you study.
  • Get help.
  • Take as many practice questions as you can.
  • Build your own practice exam as you study.

31 Jan 2019