Question: How Do You Carry Cash Safely?

Best ways to carry money while traveling

  • Divide money in different places.
  • Favor on-body storage.
  • Keep small bills handy.
  • Carry an anti-theft bag.
  • Trim your wallet.
  • Use a dummy wallet.
  • Buy a travel wallet.
  • Adapt to the local money culture.

How do you travel with cash safely?

How to Keep Your Money Safe While on Vacation

  1. Use Credit, and Limit Cash.
  2. Use the Multi-Stash Method.
  3. Record Your Account and Customer Service Numbers.
  4. Avoid Secluded ATMs.
  5. Keep Cash Out of Sight.
  6. Use a Money Belt.
  7. Protect Your Devices With Passwords.

How much cash should you travel with?

Make a Budget for Your Trip

If you are going all cash or even part cash then creating a budget is key. As a rough estimation, budget $50-100 per person for each day that you will be away. This should cover your accommodation, food, drink and transportation costs.

How can I hide money from my body?

Most common places to hide money on your person

  • In socks and shoes – Slide a few folded bills into your socks if they go beyond your ankle.
  • In underwear –An alternative solution is to put a bit of cash into a small plastic bag and slide it down the front of your underwear –as long as your underwear fits snug.

How can I travel with a lot of money?

Check out our tips on how to rest easy when carrying a large amount of cash overseas.

  1. Have a money belt, but don’t treat it like a purse.
  2. Split up your money.
  3. Sew pockets into your clothes.
  4. Keep a decoy wallet.
  5. Trim your wallet before you leave.
  6. Break up your money into manageable amounts.