How Much Are Real Estate Leads?

However, most real estate agent leads cost between $20 and $60, depending on the location of the property, average sales values, and competition.

How do you get real estate leads?

7 Steps to Getting Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

  • Step 1) Understand where the best leads come from.
  • Step 2) Start with people you already know.
  • Step 3) Meet new people.
  • Step 4) Add contacts to your CRM.
  • Step 5) Create a strategy for strengthening your relationships and staying top of mind.
  • Step 6) Put everything into workflows (build your process).

Do real estate agents pay for leads?

Real Estate Agents only pay for transactions which have been successful. Additionally, agents have the option to select from “standard” referral leads, which is based on a 25% fee, or they can choose “expert” pay-per-leads which costs $64.95 for sellers and $14.95 for buyers.

How much does CINC cost?

CINC Pricing

CINC does not publish their prices on their website, but other software similar to CINC has pricing that ranges from $34.95 per month to $499.95 per year. Cost depends on the number of users, duration, and features included.

How much does Brivity IDX cost?

Brivity Pricing*

Brivity breaks its services into several different packages that you can mix and match depending on your needs, each one approximately $100/mo. The basic CRM for 2 users is $99.99 mo (or save 20% with annual billing).