How Much Does Vulcan 7 Cost?

Vulcan 7 runs about $299 a month making it one of the most expensive dialer setups.

But when you consider the fact that you get the dialer PLUS the leads, it’s not a bad price.

How much does Mojo dialer cost?

Mojo Dialer Pricing

The Lead Manager license costs $10 for every user. You can also opt to add a Dialer license. The Dialer license determines the number of dialing lines you can use. It has two options and the price ranges from $89 to $139 per license.

Is Mojo dialer illegal?

Five9 ensures that we are fully compliant for our clients.

It is illegal to call cell phones through a three-line dialer, like Mojo, which can be a problem when a lot of our leads are cell phone numbers.

Does RedX work in Canada?

RedX FSBO Lead Generation Service Now Available in Canada. Lead generation and management services company Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc (RedX), is proud to announce the launching of its low cost, high quality For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) service into the 35 Canadian real estate markets.

How can I get expired listings?

To get expired listings, start by searching the MLS for listings that are about to expire, and focusing on older listings or houses with poor marketing. Next, send a letter to the seller introducing yourself and giving the seller reasons why they should list their house with you.