Question: Is SIP Good?


It is very good to invest through Monthly SIP route in Mutual Funds.

(But please note that SIP is just a method of investing in Mutual Funds.

Investment in Mutual Funds through SIP route should be for a minimum period of 18 months & you should remain invested for minimum of 5+ years.2 days ago

Which is better FD or sip?

The risk-appetite of FD is considered to be less as compared to SIP. FDs are generally offered by banks. On the other hand, the risk appetite of SIP is more than the FD. However, if the SIP is held for a longer-tenure, the probabilities of loss reduces.

How is SIP beneficial?

Mutual fund SIP brings discipline in your investment .Monthly SIP investment helps you get benefit of cost averaging which helps in reducing risk associated with equity investment.As compared to lumpsome investment, smaller SIP investment are also easy on your pocket.

Which bank is good for SIP?

10 Best SIP Investments in 2019-20:

  • 1 Year Returns.
  • 3 Year Returns.
  • 5 Year Returns. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund. 9.95% 13.79% 12.37% DSP Tax Saver. 11.89% 13.72% 14.08% Franklin India Equity Fund. 3.37% 9.21% 12.79% ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund. 3.24% 7.93% 11.32% Axis Long Term Equity Fund. 7.77% 14.60% 16.11%

Can one lose money in SIP?

Investors, who put money in equity mutual funds through systematic investment plans (SIPs) in the past one year, are sitting on losses because of the extended weakness in the stock market. Investors are losing money in 123 out of 147 actively managed equity schemes, as per data from Value Research.