Question: What Currency Is Used In Philippines?

Can you use US dollars in the Philippines?

Philippines – Money

The easiest way to pay for anything is by using cash in the local currency (some places will even accept US dollars in place of pesos).

With the US$, you are guaranteed one of the best rates of all currencies.

What currency is used in Manila?

Manila is the capital of The Philippines. If you are traveling to Manila, you will need to exchange your currency for the Philippine Peso. You may exchange your money for the Philippine Peso at most Manila banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus.

How many pesos is a dollar in the Philippines?

The Philippine peso (ISO code: PHP), is the official currency of Philippines.

From pesos (PHP) to Dollars (USD)
500 pesos9.80 Dollars
1,000 pesos19.61 Dollars
5,000 pesos98.04 Dollars
10,000 pesos196.08 Dollars

6 more rows

How much is $50 dollars in Philippine pesos?

Beware of bad exchange rates.

US DollarPhilippine Peso
50 USD2539.75000 PHP
100 USD5079.50000 PHP
250 USD12698.75000 PHP
500 USD25397.50000 PHP

8 more rows

How much is a meal in Philippines?

Cost of Living in Philippines

Restaurants[ Edit ]Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant150.00 ₱100.00-250.00
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course800.00 ₱500.00-1,200.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)150.00 ₱100.00-185.00
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)50.00 ₱40.00-80.00

60 more rows

What is the best currency to use in Philippines?

The currency used in the Philippines is the Philippine Peso. In some tourist areas you might be able to pay for goods and services using U.S. dollars and euros. However convenient this may appear to be, unfortunately the exchange rates that are applied are unlikely to be great.

Can I use my credit card in Philippines?

The Philippines is a safe country when it comes to credit card payments. You can easily use the most popular cards, Mastercard and Visa, but in large cities you shouldn’t find it hard to pay with American Express or Discover cards either.

Which credit card is best in Philippines?

10 Best Credit Cards in the Philippines:

  • Citi Cash Back Card. The Citi Cash Back Card’s terms are designed for the professional who resides and makes purchases within Manila.
  • EastWest Platinum Card.
  • BPI Family Credit Card.
  • RCBC Bankard Gold Card.
  • HSBC Red Mastercard.
  • AUB Easy MasterCard.
  • BDO Diners Club Premiere.
  • PNB Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard.

Can I use my Canadian debit card in the Philippines?

Will my credit or debit card work in the Philippines? Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in the Philippines. Discover cards have ‘moderate’ acceptance rates – you can use them at Citibank, SB Card, and BDO Unibank ATMs, but not elsewhere.

How many pesos is $50 US dollars?

Beware of bad exchange rates.

Mexican PesoUS Dollar
1 MXN0.04962 USD
5 MXN0.24810 USD
10 MXN0.49620 USD
20 MXN0.99240 USD

8 more rows

How much is 20 Philippine pesos in dollars?

Beware of bad exchange rates.

Philippine PesoUS Dollar
20 PHP0.38432 USD
50 PHP0.96080 USD
100 PHP1.92160 USD
250 PHP4.80400 USD

8 more rows

How much is 100 Philippine pesos in dollars?

Beware of bad exchange rates.

US DollarPhilippine Peso
10 USD511.25000 PHP
20 USD1022.50000 PHP
50 USD2556.25000 PHP
100 USD5112.50000 PHP

8 more rows