Question: What Do Angel Investors Look For?

They want to see things such as financial projections, detailed marketing plans, and specifics about your market.

A Business Structured for Investment: While some angel investors invest by giving loans to business, more than half of angel investors are looking for minority equity ownership position (Angel’s Touch!!!

What do angel investors do?

An angel investor is a person who invests in a new or small business venture, providing capital for start-up or expansion. Angel investors are typically individuals who have spare cash available and are looking for a higher rate of return than would be given by more traditional investments.

How can I impress angel investors?

Here are five insider tips Clarke shares that are sure to get an angel in your corner and raise the investment you need:

  • Be creative with your term sheet.
  • Include all the numbers.
  • Do scenario planning.
  • Understand that angel investing is a team sport.
  • Do not rush the decision-making process.

What percentage do angel investors want?

Angel investors usually take between 20 and 50 percent stake in the companies they help.

How do you find angel investors?

While angel investors used to be located primarily by word of mouth, they’re easier to find in the electronic age. ACE-Net is an electronic network of angel investors developed by the SBA that helps angel investors and small businesses seeking capital meet online.