Question: What Is An Off Market Property?

An off-market sale is a term used to define a property that is selling, or has already been sold, without any public advertising.

Off market means the home can be bought if its owner is presented with an acceptable offer but has decided not to promote the fact.

What is an off market listing?

What Are Off Market Properties? Off market properties, or pocket listings, are properties that are off the market. These properties are not public. This means that the investment properties are not publicly advertised through an MLS, Multiple Listing Service, or a real estate agent.

How do I find a house that is off the market?

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What does off market mean in Zillow?

Off market means that the listing Broker is NOT submitting it to the MLS, and by association all the websites that feed off the MLS. That’s all. Some websites, like Trulia and Zillow, allow agents to place listings on their site without it being in the MLS. and some agents do this with off market homes.

What does it mean when a house goes from pending to off market?

A pending sale means the seller has accepted an offer but the deal hasn’t closed yet. (This is different from a contingent sale.) A property is placed in pending status the minute a contract is executed.