Quick Answer: What Is Considered A Good APR For A Credit Card?

On accounts assessing interest, the average is 16.91%.

An APR below the average of 17.57% would be considered a good APR.

Credit card APRs change as federal interest rates change.

What is a good APR for a credit card?

The average variable credit card APR is 16.81% as of April 5, 2018, which means that a good APR credit card should have a rate at least below that.

What is 24% APR on a credit card?

What exactly is a credit card APR and how is it calculated?” A. APR is short for Annual Percentage Rate, which is the interest you’re charged over a 12-month period. For instance, a card with 24% APR costs 2% per month on balances that you carry from month to month.

What is a good credit card APR 2019?

Best low interest credit cards of 2019:

Citi Simplicity® Card: Best for no late fees. BankAmericard® credit card: Best for long balance transfer offer. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: Best for rewards. Wells Fargo Platinum Card: Best for 0% intro APR.

Is 24.99 Apr good?

The standard interest rate is 24.99% Variable APR for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances, but there is no annual fee.