Quick Answer: What Is Considered Early Stage Startup?

Following the seed stage of a new business or venture is the “Early Stage.” It is in the early stage that entrepreneurs typically begin seeking funding from accelerators, angels and VCs as their previous funding is typically provided by the founders, friends, and family, individual angels and occasionally accelerators.

What is considered early stage company?

Seed and Early Stage Investments

Seed and early stage companies are typically seeking capital to invest in product development, building a team of employees, and formalizing customer acquisition strategies. Product is usually in use by early beta customers for testing and feedback.

What are the different stages of a startup?

There are only three startup stages. When you meet startups and VCs these days, there’s usually a lot of verbiage spent on defining stage (pre-seed, seed, post-seed, pre-A, Early A, A, Late A, B, C…)

What are the stages of startup funding?

From an investors point of view there are 6 phases of investment; Self Funding (otherwise known as “Bootstrapping”), Friends and Family, Seed, Growth (otherwise known as “Early Stage”), Expansion, and Mezzanine. Self-funding is the first phase of the investment stages.